Oily flax to wholesale

лён масличный в поле

Agricultural holding “Vita Grain” as a member of the SINCO group of companies, produces grain and oilseeds, processing 140,000 hectares in the Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions.

Since 1999, the company has been growing wheat, barley, chickpeas, peas, corn and sunflower, and about 10 years ago the oil flax was included in the list of crops. In accordance with the crop rotation, accepted in the holding, flax occupies 22-23% of the cropland, this makes possible to   receive at least of 20,000 MT of product per year.

High productivity, oil content and purity of flax is guaranteed by the use of modern agricultural technologies, high-yielding agricultural machinery, scientifically based fertilizer and plant protection products, skilled personnel and high-quality seed.

урожай льна на полях

The park of agricultural machinery is updated annually. It includes harvesters, energy-saturated tractors, sowing systems, sprayers and other units of domestic and foreign technics.

Flax seeds are produced in our own seed plant "Vita Grain" from the elite regional strain. Variety update is carried out annually.

Harvested crops are delivered to our elevators, where they are safely stored. The SINCO group of companies has 5 elevators (one of them is a port). The total capacity of one-time grain storage is 350,000 MT.

Elevators have the ability to ship products by road (in bulk and big bags), railway, cars and river-sea vessels. Also elevator laboratories carefully monitor the quality of shipped products.

Лен в мешках

Approximate shipping capacity per day:

  • up to 40 cars;
  • up to 50 railway wagons;
  • up to 5,000 MT from two berths of the “Zhito” elevator complex (Togliatti).

Our company has many years of experience in export trading. Every year, hundreds of thousands  tons of " Vita Grain" products, including flax, are sent to the south and to Europe by various types of transport. Our partners are well-known grain traders, foreign oil extraction plants and other manufacturers of consumer products.

Отгрузка льна жд транспортом

Thus, the SINCO group of companies has implemented a full cycle: from production to sales.

We are ready to produce flax with specified quality and apply plant protection products in full compliance with the food safety requirements of your country.

We offer you a reliable, long-term and mutually beneficial partnership, guaranteeing the quality of raw materials you need and the perfect fulfillment of contractual obligations.

We are open to every type of negotiations!