Group of companies by SINCO, JSC

SINCO, JSC was created in 1991. It began with wholesale trade in grain and sunflower seeds, establishing relations with farms, elevators, flour-grinding and oil-processing plants.

Today it is a prominent group of companies, which works all around the Povolzskyi region in several spheres: agriculture (crop production, livestock production, gardening, storage and processing of agricultural products), freight and passenger traffic, wholesale and retail book-trade, medical services. SINСO Group includes over 40 enterprises where more than 3 000 people work.

Vita Grain trademark

Vita Grain is an agro-productive holding entering into SINCO group of companies. These are modern agrotechnologies, productive agricultural machinery, excellent harvests and high rates of quality of products - wheat, sunflower, olive flax, barley, corn, chick-pea, peas, sorghum and other cultures.


Vita Grain is a careful storage on own elevators and a variety of logistic services: from the accumulation of commercial batehes of products to the shipment by any kind of transport - automobile, railway, river.  

Vita Grain produces the seeds of high reproductions made on the modern seed cleaning plant.

Vita Grain has high-quality wheat and rye flour produced on own flour-grinding plants and provides excellent service for the clients. 

All products and services under the Vita Grain brand are united by the major mission: qualitative and healthy food - for people.

Flour: producing and trading

Two flour-grinding plants of SINCO group – the Zhito enterprise in Togliatti and the Mukomol plant of Kinel-Cherkassky region of Samara region produce wheat and rye flour under the Vita Grain trademark. 

Vita Grain flour has steady reputation on the baking and confectionery markets: compliance to requirements of GOST, lack of additives and impurity, and, due to the stability of quality it is in-demand for customers.  

The stable quality remains not only thanks to strict observance of the compounding and technologies, but also the formation of identical grinding parties during the whole season due to its own source of raw materials grown up on fields of Vita Grain agroholding.

Best quality grain is professionally stored on five own elevators for years, and during seasons of crop failure a weak party at the expense of what the stable high quality of grinding party for production of flour according to GOST is reached.

The main wholesale consumers of this flour are large bakeries and confectioneries, and also bakeries with exclusive pastries.

Shipment is carried out in bulk and in bags by 50 kg.

Flour-grinding production Vita Grain:

  • premium baking wheat flour;
  • baking wheat flour of the first grade;
  • wheat flour of general purpose of the GOST P 52189-2003 M55-23 and M75-23 types;
  • peeled rye flour;
  • bran in bulk;
  • bran granulated, packed into bags.

To buy the flour-grinding production Vita Grain:

Sales department of LLC Zhito: (8482) 97 58 49; 97 66 16;

Sales department of JSC Mukomol: (846) 250-03-76; 8-927-610-98-24;

Grain  producing and trading

More than 25 years LLC SINCO-Trade sells the products made by Vita Grain agroholding and other producers and trades with external clients. For quarter of the century managers of the enterprise have shipped to the clients more than 4 million tons of agricultural products. 

The LLC SINCO-Trade buys and sells grain, bean, sunflower and other oilseeds, delivers the processed agricultural production – oil, meal, compound feeds; ships production by any kind of transport – automobile, railway, water.

Managers of the enterprise have serious experience on documentary execution of transactions, obtaining various allowing documentation, passing of customs procedures for 25 years of work. This experience provides expeditious and high-quality carrying out transactions.

Specialists of SINCO-Trade are always ready to help the clients to optimize the transaction, to choose the best logistics, to avoid possible "reefs" and finally to win the money.

Buy and sell the agricultural products

The trading company SINCO-Trade buys and sells grain, leguminous and oil-bearing crops, including production made by Vita Grain agroholding


  • winter wheat
  • spring-sown field
  • barley
  • oats
  • sorghum
  • corn
  • sunflower
  • flax
  • peas
  • chick-pea
  • fodder herbs and technical crops

Full service includes a number of additional services:

  • consultation;
  • storage and completion
  • transportation
  • work with customs
  • flexible conditions of cooperation and barter transactions

All products have certificates of quality and meets standards of GOST


64-A, Fadeeva str., Samara, 443111

Phone +7 846 2500291

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